We have significant experience providing third-party legal opinions on behalf of Delaware entities.  

Lenders and investors involved in securitized or portfolio financing transactions across the country regularly call upon us to review and analyze business organization and commercial transaction documents.  

They frequently seek our opinion on application and compliance with Delaware law and the various Delaware entities, including limited partnerships, limited liability companies, Delaware statutory trusts and corporations in such transactions.   

Among other areas, we frequently opine on an entity’s authority to file a bankruptcy, bankruptcy remoteness and non-dissolution.  

In addition, our attorneys render reasoned opinions and provide written and oral advice to our clients on matters regarding substantive non-consolidation of entities. With respect to the substantive non-consolidation opinions that we provide, because federal law, rather than state law, is involved with these types of opinions, our attorneys can opine on the borrowers and entities with which they are paired, regardless of the state in which these entities are incorporated or formed, and regardless of where the property(ies) securing the loan is located.   

Moreover, our attorneys offer extremely competitive pricing and fee structures no matter where the deal is occurring, and that best suits the size of the transaction and the client’s needs.  

With respect to the opinions and advice that we provide in all of the foregoing areas, the bottom line is that our clients and co-counsel trust and have confidence in our creative approaches as well as our in-depth knowledge in the relevant fields of law, and our consummate and constant attention to detail. 

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