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Connolly Gallagher LLP, enjoys an international reputation through its membership in the International Lawyers Network (“ILN”), a leading association of nearly 100 high-quality, full-service independent law firms.

For firm clients with a national or international legal need that are having difficulty finding qualified, local legal counsel around the country or world  – we turn to ILN.

As one of the largest worldwide affiliations of qualified, small and mid-sized law firms, ILN provides quality legal services for business owners, in-house counsel, and others.  Firms become members through invitation only. To maintain membership, they agree to perform under the uniquely comprehensive Quality Assurance Program, ensuring that clients receive the same high-quality legal work and service from every ILN firm, such as:

  • Consistent Quality: saves clients time in validating law firm credentials. Highly selective vetting process; Quality Assurance Program monitors referrals; recertification
  • Convenient Access: Searchable database
  • Consistent Service: firms share a positive, constructive approach to business and commitment to excellent client service
  • Proven Value: local, mid-sized, and independent means flexible, local rates, and knowledge of local markets

As the only member firm located in Delaware, Connolly Gallagher utilizes ILN to connect clients with quality representation across the country and in over 60 foreign countries. The firm’s membership provides clients with access to high-quality legal services in other jurisdictions around the globe.

Connolly Gallagher Member Contacts include:

ILN has been recognized by Chambers Global, one of the oldest and most prestigious legal listings in the world.  For more information, visit

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