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Connolly Gallagher Stands with the Black Community

Connolly Gallagher LLP stands with the Black community in denouncing police brutality and racism. We are dedicated to overcoming our nation’s long-standing history of racism and working towards a society where people are not stratified, identified, or treated differently, based on the color of their skin. We are committed to dedicating time and resources to combat all racism and to fight for the equal and just treatment of all people. We support the right of individuals to gather for peaceful protest and to be heard. Through its Diversity and Inclusion Committee, the firm will continue to evaluate and implement initiatives to support all people who have faced unjust treatment due to the color of their skin. We are committed to doing the important work that must be done for our entire community, we share the sense of urgency surrounding this movement, and we look forward to achieving great things with and for our community.

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