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Connolly Gallagher Successfully Defends Motion for Preliminary Injunction

Representing the State Board of Education, the Department of Education, and the Delaware Secretary of Education, Connolly Gallagher partnered with the Delaware Department of Justice to defend a motion seeking to enjoin the implementation of a decision to revoke a school charter and close the same school.  In this expedited litigation, Connolly Gallagher attorneys Max Walton and Ryan Newell led a team of Connolly Gallagher attorneys that assisted the successful defense of the firm’s clients.  Over a period of approximately three weeks, Connolly Gallagher assisted the Department of Justice in producing nearly 100,000 pages of discovery, drafting four briefs concerning the motion for preliminary injunction, a motion to dismiss, and a motion for leave to amend the complaint, and preparing for oral argument.  The decision of the Court of Chancery can be read here.

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